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EoM pages can be edited like any Wikipedia page. Moreover, EoM is enhanced by MathJax. Therefore, one can encode mathematics using arbitrary $\rm \TeX$ or $\rm \LaTeX$ code.

That is, you type $e^{2\pi i} = 1$ in order to get $e^{2\pi i} = 1$. Here is an even more convincing Example.

For editing one can use the text area, which is opened in the browser after clicking on the "edit" button of an EoM page. However, since most texts are long, it is highly recommended to use an external editor. Comments on various editors can be found here.

EoM allows to use the "It's all text" add-on. This software can be installed in many browsers. If installed, near the wiki edit field there appears a small blue button, and clicking on that button pops up your favored editor window with the whole content of the text area, ready for editing. See here for further explanations.

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