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at a point of a mapping of a normed space into a normed space

The mapping which is linear and continuous from into and has the property that



If a mapping admits an expansion (1) at a point , then it is said to be Fréchet differentiable, and the actual operator

is called the Fréchet derivative.

For a function in a finite number of variables, the Fréchet differential is the linear function

that has the property that


where or any other equivalent norm in . Here are the partial derivatives of at .

Definition (2), which is now commonplace, apparently first appeared in an explicit form in the lectures of K. Weierstrass (1861, see [1]). At the end of the 19th century this definition gradually came into the textbooks (see [2], [3] and others). But at the time when M. Fréchet began to develop infinite-dimensional analysis, the now classical definition of the differential was so far from commonplace that even Fréchet himself supposed that his definition of the differential in an infinite-dimensional space was a new concept in the finite-dimensional case too. Nowadays the term is only used in relation to infinite-dimensional mappings. See Gâteaux differential; Differential.


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