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The characteristic subgroup of a group generated by all the nilpotent normal subgroups of ; it is also called the Fitting radical. It was first studied by H. Fitting [1]. For finite groups, the Fitting subgroup is nilpotent and is the unique maximal nilpotent normal subgroup of the group. For a finite group the following relations hold:

where denotes the Frattini subgroup of , and is the commutator subgroup of .


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A finite group is called quasi-nilpotent if and only if for every chief factor of every automorphism of induced by an element of is inner. Let be the centre of . Inductively define , by the condition . The are all normal subgroups. The series is the ascending central series of . Let , the so-called hypercentre of . A group is semi-simple if and only if it is the direct product of non-Abelian simple groups. A group is quasi-nilpotent if and only if is semi-simple. The generalized Fitting subgroup of a finite group is the set of all elements of which induce an inner automorphism on every chief factor of . It is a characteristic subgroup of and contains every subnormal quasi-nilpotent subgroup of . This property can therefore also be used to define it.

Let be the lower central series of , i.e. , the commutator subgroup of with . Let be the generalized Fitting subgroup of ; then is a perfect quasi-nilpotent characteristic subgroup. It is sometimes called the layer of .


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