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For a finite Abelian group , Davenport's constant of is the smallest positive integer such that for any sequence of not necessarily distinct elements of there is a non-empty subsequence with sum zero (i.e., there is some with ).

It is reported in [a7] that in 1966 H. Davenport proposed the problem of finding in the following connection. Let be an algebraic number field (cf. also Algebraic number; Field) with ring of integers and ideal class group . Then is the maximal number of prime ideals (counted with multiplicity) which can divide an irreducible element of . This is the reason why is a crucial invariant in the theory of non-unique factorizations [a2].

Let denote the cyclic group with elements and suppose with and with rank . Then

In the left-hand inequality, equality holds for -groups and for groups with (proved independently by J.E. Olson [a7] and D. Kruyswijk [a3]; cf. also -group). However, the left-hand inequality can be strict [a4], [a5]. For the right-hand inequality, cf. [a6]. It is still (1996) an open question whether the left-hand inequality can be strict for groups of rank or for groups of the form .

The problem of determining belongs to the area of zero-sum sequences, a subfield of additive number theory, respectively additive group theory. For related problems cf. [a1] and the literature cited there.


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