D'Alembert equation for finite sum decompositions

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Consider the decomposition of a function into a finite sum of the form

For sufficiently smooth , a necessary condition for such a decomposition involves determinants of the form

These determinants were introduced in [a6] and [a7], and a correct formulation of the sufficient condition was given in [a3]; see also [a4].

A sufficient and necessary condition for not sufficiently smooth functions defined on arbitrary (even discrete) sets without any regularity conditions was formulated in [a3], [a4] by introducing a new, special matrix

see also [a8] and [a9].

Several authors have dealt with problems concerning decompositions of functions of several variables and similar questions, see, e.g., [a1], [a2], [a8]. However, several open problems in this area remain (as of 2000), e.g.: find a characterization of functions of the form

see [a5].


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