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A model of a branching process (discrete-time or continuous-time, with one or several types of particles, etc.) in which new particles may appear not only as the products of division of the original particles, but also as a result of immigration from some "external source" . For instance, let

be independent random variables with generating functions

respectively; the branching Galton–Watson process with immigration may be defined by the relations , where is the number of particles and

Here, the variable is interpreted as the number of daughter particles of the -th particle of the -th generation, while the variable is interpreted as the number of the particles which have immigrated into the -th generation. The generating functions

are given by the recurrence relations

The Markov chain corresponding to the Galton–Watson branching process with immigration is recurrent if and or and , and is transient if and or . For the Markov chain to be ergodic, i.e. for the limits

to exist and to satisfy

it is necessary and sufficient [3] that

This condition is met, in particular, if and . If , , , then [4]

If and , then there exists [5] a sequence of numbers , , such that

In branching processes with immigration in which the immigration takes place at only, i.e.

where is the Kronecker symbol, the following relation is valid if , and :


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Additional references may be found in the article Branching process.

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