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A potential of the form

where , are points in the Euclidean space , ; is a Borel measure on ;

and is the modified cylinder function (or Bessel function, cf. Cylinder functions) of the second kind of order or the Macdonald function of order ; is called a Bessel kernel.

The principal properties of the Bessel kernels are the same as those of the Riesz kernels (cf. Riesz potential), viz., they are positive, continuous for , can be composed

but, unlike the Riesz potentials, Bessel potentials are applicable for all , since

as .

If , where is a natural number, and the measure is absolutely continuous with square-integrable density , the Bessel potentials satisfy the identities:


where is the Laplace operator on . In other words, the function is a fundamental solution of the operator .


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The function is usually called the modified Bessel function of the third kind.

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